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Congratulations to John Messam and the recently elected COBA Executive (Jamaica).



John Messam - President

Christopher Denny - Vice President

Pete Smith - 1st Vice President

Robert Hyatt - Secretary

Tafawah Thompson - Assistant Secretary

Paul Lai - Treasurer

Cary Wiggan - Assistant Treasurer

Council Members

James Arscott

Edward Jennings

Alrick Moodie

Percival Palmer

Julian Robinson

Vijay Tolan

Jermaine Wright

Andrew Wynter


The following is a synopsis of the minutes of the Mentorship meeting (on the 9th September 2009).  

        The mentorship programme in its current format though desirable is not sustainable due to lack of manpower.

        The programme offered is to be comprised of academic assistance, career guidance and an introduction to life skills

        The components are to be implemented on a phased basis

        Attention should be paid to the boys in the current fifth form.

        A study programme is to be organized and implemented.

        A project and implementation plan is to be developed and tabled at next Wednesday’s meeting.

        There is need for greater numbers of old boys to join the programme

Next mentorship meeting: Wednesday September 16, 2009 at 6:30pm in the school's chapel.


Calabar High School,
61 Red Hills Road, Kingston, Jamaica

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